Training - Project Management Concepts

Project Management has recently become one of the hot topics for any organization whether public or private, business or government, IT or infrastucture, Manufacturing or Product development, R&D or Defence . Everyone is in a race to excel in terms of product/service quality by integrating technology, people and processes. To deliver results to the customer/end use whose requirements are ever changing with less of monetary investments without compromising quality faster than your competitor can do it is a major challege in every sphere of business activity. In order to circumvent this challenge, everyone involved in project related activities must be adequately trained in the best practices of initiating, planning, directing, controlling and closing of projects.

Over the past few decades the discipline of Project Management has grown leaps and bounds. Professional bodies like PMI and IPMA qre spreading their wings all over the globe to establish their presence with proprietary standards for best pracices of the profession. The practice of the profession has a cultural, political bias. Based on this variations, there are different certifications are also exist at different levels administered by differnt agencies.Some of the wll known agencies are PMI, IPMA and OGC (office of Goverment Commerce, UK). there is no single answer to which practices are the best. It depends on which customer are you dealing with. Your customer is the king and their requirements stand first in your priorities.

Based on the requirements in the industry, we can tailor the project management training to suit the customer needs. The PMI's PMBoK Pproject Management Body of Knowledge) practices are more process oriented and has 47 processes to manage the deliverables from a project and project management. IPMA's ICB (IPMA Competency Baseline ) lays more emphasis on behavioral competencies of the project manager and team. OGC's PRINCE-2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environment)lays more focus on the benefit realization. A later entry into this is the Agile delivery methods, popularly knowsn as SCRUM processes.

We at P3M are eqipped with long experience to tailor a training to the needs of our client by placing more emphasis on their customer expectations. We can also customise a training on PM concepts supplemented by software tools like MS3Project which automates your organizaton's best practices.